Car Elevator

It becomes your most competent assistant because of its exceptionally long service lift, effective and energy-saving operation and loading, steady and reliable performance. In addition, it is finest goods transport tool.

  • Technical Advantage
  • Parameters
  • Cabin Design

The unique design style deducts an extraordinary riding enjoyment


Audi Elevator's car elevator is the most ideal parking and vertical transport equipment for the parking lot,car repair plants,car garages etc.


Audi Elevator's car elevator adopts the mature car elevator technology. It has been developed and produced according to the special characteristics of the car products. Audi Elevator's strong technical capacity completely solves the technical obstacle of the noise and car shaking caused by the more heavier load of the traction machine system due to uneven force bearing to the car.It optimizes the features of these goods.


Audi Elevator's car elevator features as the concise equipments and the simple operation.It can have a multiple use in the same berth space with small covering area.It is applicable for various occasions with the easy and quick entry and exit,the large car area. It is more fit for parking various cars.


Car decoration configuration

Side opening type


Car decoration configuration

Double-folded center opening type