Home Elevator

Audi Elevator's home elevators, adhering to the area of the world's leading private elevator technology, classic design heritage of the international fusion of artistic, practical and interated with the times and villas, private luxury high-level taste is very consistent.
You can enjoy the comfortable ride from the special-purposes. The muiltfuntional; the fully digitalized variable frequency system and the perfect running curve.
You and your family are perfectly dafe because of our mature technology,the advanced safety detection system,the remarkable protection device.
Its higher compatibility not only meets european standard, but also accords with our national cirterion.

  • Technical Advantage
  • Parameters
  • Cabin Design

Automatic lighting system
Audi Elevator's home elevator is equipped with automatic lighting function, when not in use, the lighting automatically turns off the car, received and call instruction automatically open, fully reduce power consumption in order to effectively reduce your living costs.


Ride in comfort to happy family lift
The dedicated frequency converting system precisely control the elevator operation and improves your riding experience in all-round way. The pretorque function adjusts the starting torque automatically according to the load from the weighting senors, facilitating a smoother and more comfortable takeoff. The sealed bearing for gearless machine requires no lubrication and thereby eliminates contamination as well as the gearing noise, leaving you with pleasant home surroundings.

Construction parameters

Ceiling: without drop ceiling, MSS+LED
Cabin wall: Painted steel+MSS
Front wall: Painted steel
Flooring: PVC


Ceiling:without drop ceiling, MSS+acrylic
Cabin wall: HSS+MSS
Front wall: HSS
Flooring: PVC


Ceiling:without drop ceiling, MSS+acrylic
Cabin wall: HSS+Glass
Front wall: HSS
Flooring: PVC


Ceiling: MSS frame+painted steel+acrylic
Cabin wall: decorative steel+painted steel+round handrail
Front wall: HSS
Flooring: PVC


Ceiling: MSS+Acrylic
Cabin wall: Integrated COP+Wooden panel+MSS+round handrail
Front wall: HSS
Flooring: PVC


Ceiling: Mirror etched stainless steel+warm lighting
Cabin wall: Mirror etched stainless steel
Front wall: Hss
Flooring: PVC