Audi Elevator's escalators fully apply the novel materials and the advanced domestic and overseas technology for design and manufacture. The escalators have the consummate structure, elaborate stairway, delicate belt, attractive outline, they are widely applicable for large passenger flow areas such as the shopping centers, supermarkets, subways, airports etc. It adds a charming mobile view for vast construction.

  • Technical Advantage
  • Parameters
  • Safety Devices

Light sensors are installed in the panel of escalator (moving walk) entrances, when no passengers take the escalator (moving walk) in certain time, it will stop automatically to save energy.
It sparates the escalator oil from water, exhausts the rain water and cleans the oil spot regularly for environment protection purpose.
It can adopt variable frequency control or the automatic starting mode to fulfill the energy-saving.


Melt into the Environments
Novel, luxurious and elegant design for handing elevator. Meanwhile, it has smooth and sprightly sense of rhythm. With outstanding performance, Safety and reliability, Elegant appearance, it can be widely used in various business and public traffic places.
Carefully processed hairless stainless steel panel adds the sense of Moving. Iiny stainlee steel handrail guiding orbit has compact structure. It lets the passengers compact structure. It lets the passengers have the feeling of sliding on the window.