Freight Elevator

It becomes your most competent assistant bexause of its exceptionally long service lift, effective and energy-saving operation and loading, steady and reliable performance. In addition, it is finest goods transport tool.

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Aloading giant that can release more and more cargo pressures for you
Audi Elevator serial freight elevator you with a wide load range from 500kg to 5000kg.It can always create more and more values for you by its most outstanding performance.


Audi Elevator's freight elevator serial fully utilizes the advanced and fully computerized control technology. It employs the well-developed VVVF.
Control system of Audi Elevator.It is simple in structure and convenient in repair and maintenance. It fulfils a qualitative leap in aspects of the signal transmission and running control. It brings about the more stable and reliable system, the lower noise, the smoother running, the more accurate leveling. It is more and more easy for the goods entry and exit.In addition. Audi Elevator's freight elevator serial can offer the micro-processor. The high speed running capabilitied and expansion interface ensure to satisfy the special requirements from broad users.

Machineroom Freight elevator layout
Machine roomless freight elevator layout
SFJ-Q101 Car decoration configuration

Side opening type


SFJ-Z101 Car decoration configuration

Double-folded center opening type